Yes, that really is what I chose as my post title. Pretty cheesy, right?

In all seriousness, I’m helping a client design her master bath, and she’s thinking that she may like a claw foot bath tub.

While they are beautiful, timeless and unique, do they stand up to the modern amenities that modern bathtubs provide?
You also have to consider where you will place soaps, towels and other bathtub accessories.

The faucet is another consideration. Will you like that it’s exposed? Will it be freestanding or come out of the wall?
There are a lot of color options as well. Stainless steel legs, painted legs, or two tone bathtub like the one above.

Here is a free standing tub. While the look is similar to the claw foot tub, the modern amenities of jacuzzi jets are available.
Here’s another example of an up-to-date bathtub that still has the craftsman style because of the tile detail and vanity selection.

Above is another example of a modern freestanding bathtub with the Victorian feel. Here are some more:

All that to say, the freestanding bathtub still leaves creative space to hanging towels and where to place bath accessories.

Another option is a custom low wall surround like the one above. The bead board wainscot adds some interest as well as detail and there’s plenty of space for accessories. Below are some a few other examples of baths with custom surrounds.

If you want the modern amenities that an up-to-date tub provides you with, I think I’d go with a freestanding tub. If you need the space for accessories, then I’d say build a custom surround. If you don’t use your bath a lot and like the look of a claw foot bathtub, then I’d go with a claw foot tub. The way your bathtub will function has to dictate what you chose–a designer can make any ordinary bathtub look great!
All images are pulled from Kitchen and Bath Magazine