Who Is Amelie?

Whether it be a book, a movie, a poem or a lyric, there is a reason we become interested in certain things, and truthfully those interests tend to emulate an area of our own life. This is definitely the case for five-year-old Amelie running around in her Moana costume. If you’re unfamiliar with the Disney phenomenon that is Moana, then first of all you’re deeply missing out, but secondly you need to know that this character embodies perseverance, determination, and the courage to overcome. Knowing that, it is only fitting that Moana is the requested inspiration for little Amelie’s playroom.

In January 2018, Amelie was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer which effects only about 200 children each year. She and her family have begun the long journey of doctor’s visits and chemo treatments.

Due to this recent diagnosis, a large part of Amelie’s life has been put on hold, and she will have to begin homeschooling. Our hope is to create a clean, beautiful multifunctional space for Amelie to be healthy and feel safe doing her schoolwork, playing dress up, and reading her favorite books.

The Vision for Amelie’s Room

When we sat down to talk with Amelie about what she envisioned for her dream room, her outfit spoke for itself and it was clear that Moana would be the perfect inspiration. She told us that she would love for her new room to look like the movie and would also like to have a cozy place to read.

I wanted Amelie’s new school room to be a reflection of her as well as the Polynesian life of Disney’s Moana–bright, colorful and beautiful. When I asked Amelie to pick her paint colors, she flipped my Sherwin Williams paint swatch book straight to the colors Hibiscus, Capri and Prominent Pink–all turquoise and shades of pink. “Great choices,” I told Amelie. I found inspiration for a lot of the patterns in her room from the motifs in ancient Tapa cloths. It was essential to bring life into the room through plants, flowers and other natural elements such as wood and the illusion of water. Overall, I wanted to create a little oasis of color and life where Amelie could keep up with her schoolwork, read, relax, play, thrive and feel as courageous as Moana did to fight her fight against cancer.

We are so excited to help see Amelie’s vision become a reality. In order to make this space come to life, we are enlisting the help of Amelie’s family, friends and cheerleaders. As you can imagine, a trial like this is financially challenging, but we don’t believe that should stop us from bringing light to the difficult card Amelie was just dealt. That being said, we won’t be able to make this happen without as much support as we can get. Please reach out and we would love to get you involved in this awesome project with us!