Can you find the bride? She’s above in the white dress walking through the woods during the picture shoot pre-wedding.
This is one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever been a part of.
The wedding took place at a barn just outside of Franklin, TN, and everything was decorated down to the final detail.
The bouquets where gorgeous. The best touch in the bouquets were the sprigs of rosemary and mint.
The bridesmaids all wore cream colored dresses of which we got to chose.
The groomsmen all wore carhartts and button downs.
The bride and groom are a laid back couple who wanted a laid back wedding.
So animals and all were invited.
The arbor was made by the groom himself.
The interior of the barn was exquisite .
This is the beautiful bride just moments before she walked down the aisle.
The most beautiful thing about the wedding was seeing the culmination of what we had prayed for Lauren over the last few years…a husband.
All we wanted to do was celebrate.
It was truly a magical night.
Best wishes to the happy couple!
A toute a l’heure,