To me, this year, Christmas is simple.
The tree unintentionally never got ornaments. It’s fine with lights, garland and a star.
 To me, Christmas is about welcoming my friends and family into my home.
It’s about giving them a place where they can hang their coat and relax.
 Christmas is a time to gather around the fireplace and play cards and laugh.
 Christmas is a time to cook something special.
 It’s a time to gather around the table and enjoy a meal with the ones who you love.
 It’s about giving to those who mean a lot to you through a gift, spending time together or allowing them to give something to you.
One of the best Christmas gifts is hearing from the ones who live far away.
 The wonder and awe of Christmas comes with truly knowing what it’s all about.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas, and I’ll see you in the new year!