Over the last couple of months, we at Natalie Hager Interiors have had the privilege of watching the way a community can pull together and elicit joy from a place of sorrow. The outpour of generosity for this project has been so encouraging. To all who have donated, cheered us on, or simply shared the word about this venture, we are incredibly grateful. 

For those of you who may not know, earlier this year we spent several months working hard to partner with the public to create a safe and exciting oasis room to play and do school work for five-year-old Amelie. In January of this year she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, resulting in chemo treatments and homeschooling. Our goal was to have this Moana-themed room (by special request from Amelie) completed and ready to be revealed to her once she was released from her chemo treatments. Pictured below are some before pictures of the space as well as our inspiration board for this room, having no idea if bringing it to life would be at all possible!

Before pictures:

Upon Amelie’s return home, a couple things were necessary: rest for her and her family, and several finishing touches to be placed in the room. What came together in the end is an overwhelming picture of what is possible with the goodness of a community. This project consisted of a lot of humbling phone calls and emails asking for money and resources that would determine if our goal was at all attainable. Although we came across several “no’s”, it made all of the “yes’s” that much sweeter. In the end, all the time and uncertainty along the way were nothing in comparison to being a part of something much bigger than us. In this case, the community that banded together consisted of artists, craftsmen, home goods designers, friends and family.

It is because of all of our donors that this room now exists, and here it is, finished and full of Moana goodness! Keep scrolling for more pictures of the completed playroom and a video of the reveal to sweet Amelie. 

We want to extend a special “Thank you” to the following for their charitable involvement in this project: Loom Decor // Smokey Mountain Tops // Peacock Alley // Ed Nash // Flatrock Community Church // Midsouth Custom Cabinets // Blaire Murfree Designs // Whitney St. Pierre // Michálle Sessions // Angela Simeone // All the lovely clients of Natalie Hager Interiors