Amelie’s Registry

Now it is YOUR turn! (If you have yet to read about our exciting project for sweet Amelie's school/play room, please take a look at it here.) We have been working hard on making this awesome Moana-inspired room possible, but we need your help. Rather than simply...

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Gabby Feature

Keeping Up With The Buzz! I was introduced to Gabby several years ago by Chelsea Robinson, an interior design friend and colleague of mine, and I haven't stopped specifying their products since. Their modern twist on traditional pieces speaks directly to my brand as a...

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A Room For Amelie

Who Is Amelie? Whether it be a book, a movie, a poem or a lyric, there is a reason we become interested in certain things, and truthfully those interests tend to emulate an area of our own life. This is definitely the case for five-year-old Amelie running around in...

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